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Get real followers, involved with your profile, potential customers for your business.



Plan I

45 USD + taxes. Monthly Payment

We will give you followers or potential customers from your country (or the one you decide).

Plan II

85 USD + taxes. Monthly Payment

Besides everything in the first plan, we will study important factors of your desired public, like the profession, city, age and many more, in order to enhance your final userbase.


We manage your strategy to exponentially grow your brand.


TRINAGRAM makes it easier to engage with your customers.

We’ve developed a system based on artificial intelligence to enhance the Instagram accounts of our clients. This results in an organic increase of followers. For a personal account, it’s sheer influence. For business accounts, potential customers.



“Thanks to TRINAGRAM we reached thousands of models who wish to fulfil their dreams in my schools and agencies.”

Anama Ferreira

Executive Director., Anama Models School.

“With TRINAGRAM I managed to expand my reach as a model in social networks as well as improving my engagement with previous followers.”

Sofia Santos

Model., Actress.

TRINAGRAM helped me to achieve a better participation of my followers in my posts.

Joan Cwaik

Technological Innovator., joancwaik.com



1. What do you need to start?

To start working on your account, you have to register in our site with the data of your Instagram account. This information is protected, so you don’t have to worry about it. Our system uses your acount under certain configurations that we define, so you can get followers every day.

2. How do I get followers?

Trinagram is an artificial intelligence system. We developed it exclusively to get quality followers.Trinagram’s main function is to give followers to profiles considered high quality by the AI.

3. Can my account get blocked?

We did not experience any blocked account by using Trinagram. Our system simulates human behavior in order to be invisible to Instagram’s detection algorithms.

4. How many followers am I going to get per day?

It depends on the amount and quality of content you upload. We have some accounts generating between 30 and 70 followers a day, and also we have accounts generating 300. It works for everyone.

5. When do I start seeing results?

In the first day! After activation Trinagram, will start analyzing your account and getting new followers. It works every day, although it will eventually sleep, to resemble you.

6. Do you need my computer to make it work?

No, Trinagram is hosted in our servers. You don’t have to do anything.

7. If I cancel my plan, will my followers go away?

No, of course not. The followers you earned using Trinagram are yours. 

8. Can I use my account simultaneously?

Yes, you can use it normally, but just in case, we will give you some guidelines to comply with the terms of service of Instagram

9. Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments through Paypal only at the moment.

10. How do I handle payments after the first one?

The payment is monthly. After you pay once, it is up to you to pay again for another month. 

11. Do you have another question?

Worry not! You can chat with our support anytime, or contact us through email or the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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